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Thread: zarafa-spooler fedora platform

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    Unhappy zarafa-spooler fedora platform

    Hi Chaps

    Is there any chance you guys could patch libvmime to get it working properly on the Fedora platform.

    I've been stuck with a broken spooler since August.

    Seems the problems arises from changes to the gnutls version used by Fedora.

    Up until now I've been really happy with ZCF but this is going on unresolved for far too long, I do actually want to send emails using my own domain.

    In the meantime outlook/hotmail will have to suffice.....

    Warm regards.

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    Does this still occur when you are using our latest ZCP 7.1.8 final? if not, can you provide more details such as which Fedora you are using and what error occurs?
    I am willing to create a ticket for you, but I cannot promise wether this will be include into our release and when it will be included.

    warm regards back
    Looking for users to test our releases, interested? send me a PM

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