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Thread: Spanish Translation

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    Spanish Translation

    I would think Spanish would be a pretty common language for translation, but using the Spanish version of WebAccess shows that MAYBE half of the text is translated. Basically, all the buttons along the top are translated, but all the folders and sections on the left (like Inbox, Trash, Calendar, etc.) are NOT. Additionally, almost every pop-up window is NOT translated. This includes the e-mail composition window (you can click "Nuevo" for a "New" e-mail, but the window to write the e-mail is all in English) and the rules creation window (again, "Reglas" has been translated from "Rules" but everything else is in English).

    I could probably translate everything that needs to be translated in an hour or two of work, if someone could point me to a how-to. My only fear is that the Zarafa WebAccess components are not yet modular enough to translate everything.

    One post here in the last year?

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    Actually translations are quite easy to handle and only need a bit of knowledge in the desired language and not that much technical effort. All the process is explained in our Wiki:

    If you want to contribute to our translation you can fill out the following form:
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