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Thread: Webapp Spam Plugin

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    Webapp Spam Plugin

    im trying to configure the Webapp Spam Plugin.
    My config.php looks like:
    The Debug Output in spamtrain.log create this message:
    Evererything seems to work fine but the message is not learned!
    When I get a new email which should be sorted as spam, the mail.log tells me

    Can it be that the local database /var/lib/amavis/.spamassassin/ is not used from the amavis service?
    Or is anything else to be configure?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Ralf,

    whether the database in /var/lib/amavis/.spamassassin/ is used by the amavis service depends from the amavis service's configuration. But it sounds reasonable.
    I would check two points here:
    1) Verify the sa-learn command line as described in the following thread .
    2) Check the actual classification of the test email by Spamassassin. Some auto whitelisting or fuzzy logic may be applied because the mail is comming from your own domain or only one training took place.

    Best Regards,

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    Hi Holger,
    thanks for the reply and sorry for my late answer.

    I have add in /etc/spamassassion/
    the problem the extern email come with fetchmail
    these passes directly to zarafa-agent and as postfix and amavis
    I have changed the fetchmailrc the emails are passed to postfix
    However, amavis is not running:-(

    Maybe there is another way to solve my problem.
    The only thing I want is that the user has the possibility
    unwanted emails to move in a junk folder and all emails from
    this email adress are automatically sorted in the junk folder.

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Ralf,

    if you have postfix and amavisd running in the usual setup, the following line should be sufficient in your fetchmailrc
    Otherwise I would suggest that you check your postfix/amavisd setup.
    Postfix/amavisd-new setup:
    Postfix Zarafa integration: Search for postifx zarafa-dagent for a suitable howto

    Best Regards,

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    Hello Hoger,

    thanks again for reply.
    I had changed the fetchmailrc entry to:

    Now the externel Email passed to postfix and amavis
    but amavis dont recognize anything.
    The output from mail.log:
    I dont understand how spamassissin works.
    Is there any possibility to query which emails has learnd
    and it should be blocked.

    Thanks in advanced

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    Hi Ralf,

    I suggest you run amavis with a higher log level (see for the different options) to see what is going on in detail.

    Best Regards,

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