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Thread: Contacts in LDAP format

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    Contacts in LDAP format


    I'm kind of new to Ldap and Zarafa. We are trying to set up an LDAP server in which all the users of the company and the contacts are held. Zarafa should use the LDAP server to get the users and contacts.

    I have the first part working: Zarafa uses the users in the LDAP directory for authentication. The problem is the contacts..

    I know i have to add the attibute Zarafa-Contact to an entry in the LDAP tree, but i can't get it to show in the Global Address Book...

    Can anyone help me by telling me what the precise scheme or which attributes the user should have? I have tried google and after hundreds of pages i can't get this answer.. everywhere the answer is, add zarafa-contact or something like that. but what should the basic entry look like? Which objectClasses should it contain, which unique entries should it have?

    A fast reply is very much appreciated, we are on sort of a clock here..

    Thanks in advance for any help!

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    Well, usually a contact does not have to have that much information:

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    I had the same problem and the solution for me was to also add the objectClass "zarafa-user". This does seem intuitive to me, but it works and because of the combination with the zarafa-contact objectClass, it does not use a Zarafa license,


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