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Thread: Owncloud Webapp plugin: Error message: Undetected (no Owncloud?)

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    Question Owncloud Webapp plugin: Error message: Undetected (no Owncloud?)


    I'm trying to set-up the owncloud plug-in (1.3.2), but on the settings page it shows always "Undetected (no Owncloud?)".

    Even though I'm using exact the same webdav settings, which are working perfectly fine in my browser, it is not connecting to owncloud.

    My server settings:
    Server address: owncloud.mydomain.tld
    Path to webdav: /remote.php/webdav

    SSL is activated.

    Username and password are also correct.

    Any ideas? Owncloud is running on the same server as zarafa, just using a different vhost in apache.

    Maybe SSL problems? I can't see any error messages in the apache logfiles.

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    you can enable the debuggin mode in <path to webapp>/plugins/owncloud/php/version.php. Just set $_ENV["OC_PLUGIN_DEBUG"] to "true".
    Then you will hopefully find the cause of the error.

    Greets Christoph

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    here the same problem:
    Webapp throws "Version: undetected (no owncloud)" and "404 Unknown owncloud/webdav path or server! Check your config!" after refresh.

    setting $_ENV["OC_PLUGIN_DEBUG"] to "true" causes output in /var/log/apache2/error.log:

    Any Ideas ?

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    Hello cyrix2000,

    I can confirm the problem with the "Undetected" owncloud version. It happened because the version URL is hardcoded as a http and not as a https URI.
    You can change http to https in Line 372 and 373 of file php/class.owncloudmodule.php. This will change the URI to ssl. (It is quick and dirty!).

    But you will have additional problems using ssl-only access for your owncloud installation. (no, I do not have a fix for this).
    And with webapp 1.4 the owncloud-plugin is not compatible any more. So you have to wait until the author of the plugin will fix these issue.
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