Webapp 1.3.1-41348

* Go to the new mail dialogue
* Click the "To" button

Here are the issues:
1) There appears to be no way to set the default view. The current default view is the Global AddressBook, which is great if you are using it. However, if the GAB is disabled (ex: hosted environments where individual users don't know eachother and shouldn't see eachother's data), there's no way to default it to "Contacts", is there?

2) When you actually select "Contacts", it doesn't default to showing any contacts at all. I guess that's OK, but it's disconcerting. Perhaps it should show the first 20, or the most recently emailed, or something other than nothing.

So, in order to select a contact from the "Contacts" folder, you have to perform a lot of actions:
1) New mail
2) Click "To"
3) Select "Contacts"
4) Type in the search box
5) Hit enter
6) Double-click a name that comes up

As opposed to say, most other normal email clients, where you open the new mail dialogue and simply start typing an email address, and it shows you suggestions from many places.