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Thread: Admin GUI unavailable (logged in as admin, perl and MailServer installed)

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    Exclamation Admin GUI unavailable (logged in as admin, perl and MailServer installed)

    (sorry for my english )

    i have:
    Hardware: Synology DS 713+ (with 2HDD WD 3Tb).
    DSM 4.3 Beta (DSM_DS713+_3750.pat)

    1. Perl-cedarview-5.8.6-0003.spk
    2. MailServer-x64-1.2-0116.spk
    3. Zarafa_0.3.3_x86.spk
    all processes is on.
    and system rebooted.

    MailStation not installed.

    logged as admin.

    all configured by this instruction:

    when i click on icon "Zarafa administration"

    i have message :Page not found (i'm translate in english) my message in russian.

    other links like: "Zarafa webaccess"; "Zarafa webapp" worked properly.

    Please help me.

    P.S. 3 times i try to reinstall all packets.
    and reinstall dsm 4.3 system on my synology ds.

    DiskStation> /var/packages/Zarafa/scripts/start-stop-status start
    Starting Zarafa... entry is already added to php.ini - skipped
    plugin_enabled is already added to dagent.cfg
    plugin_enabled is already added to spooler.cfg
    Starting zarafa-licensed
    $Starting zarafa-server:
    $Starting zarafa-spooler:
    $Starting zarafa-gateway:
    $Starting zarafa-ical:
    $Starting zarafa-monitor: Warning: Terminal locale not UTF-8, but UTF-8 locale is being forced.
    Screen output may not be correctly printed.

    starting service /usr/local/zarafa/bin/fetchmail
    fetchmail: WARNING: Running as root is discouraged.
    fetchmail:/etc/fetchmailrc:1: syntax error at Place

    Снимок экрана 2013-07-24.jpgСнимок экрана 2013-07-24.jpgСнимок экрана 2013-07-24.jpg
    Снимок экрана 2013-07-24.jpgСнимок экрана 2013-07-24.jpg
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    Please install the perl package or mailserver

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