I'm trying to use the Z-Merge SugarCRM Archiver, but am having a problem with sessions:
- To get the ZMerge SugarCRm module to work in SugarCRM 6.5, I edited the manifest in the module.
- After configuring the config.php in the WebApp/plugins folder, I get the pup-up with the SugarCRM login-screen, telling me that "You have been logged out because your session has expired".
- When I fill in the login information, I can archive the e-mail.

- When I have an active SugarCRM-session in another tab, I can archive mail directly without logging in (as it should).

Why isn't the provided login-information sent to SugarCRM and do I have to login manually or have a SugarCRM session in another tab?
I recall trying this some time ago and then it was working.