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Thread: Patch for simple alias management

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    Lightbulb Patch for simple alias management

    Hello everyone,

    I've written a small patch for the Zarafa Spooler that allows you to manage send-as/alias capabilities within a simple text file. (This patch only works with Zarafa 7.1.4!)

    The textfile looks like this:

    The normal Zarafa send as features works like before. The new alias feature will just apply to mails, which are not handled by the Zarafa internal send-as mechanism.

    You can turn on and off the patch within the spooler.cfg file.
    New configuration parameters:

    use_alias_file (Values: yes, no ; Default: yes)
    alias_file (Values: Path to alias file ; Default: /etc/zarafa/alias.txt)

    WARNING: you have to restart the patched/recompiled spooler version once before you add the new config parameters!

    You can also check out the newest development sources throught svn:

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    I have now also patched the WebApp to support faster SendAs Access like in WebAccess.


    Apply the patch to the latest Version of Webapp (1.3.1.svn41348).

    Patch can be found here:

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