We have successfully migrated a 50 user Exchange 2003 installation to Zarafa and Z-Push. We took a split domain approach where both Zarafa and Exchange were active and we could migrate users incrementally instead of having to migrate everyone at once. The two systems coexisted for about a month before we decommissioned Exchange. Although we don’t have many users they are heavy mail users with big mailboxes, all are experienced with Outlook, and most have a laptop as well as one or more ActiveSync mobile device. There were a few bumps on the road but considering the user base has been using Outlook and an Exchange Server since 5.5, it has gone very well. We are really looking forward to deploying the Archiver as many users have massive PST archives and we would really like to get them consolidated onto a server. We are going to repurpose are old Exchange hardware for this purpose.

David Eisenlord