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Thread: Zarafa spamhook patch

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    Zarafa spamhook patch

    This is the updated version of our Zarafa spamhook that has been tested with Zarafa 7.1.4.

    Whenever a user moves mail from or to the Junk folder, it will call /etc/zarafa/userscripts/junklearn. This script can than then the appropriate measures to retrain the spamfilter. We've included our own script for our as an example on how to use this.

    This version contains a bug fix and uses the official Zarafa unix_popen... way of opening a subprocess, instead of using popen directly. (this was the reason things went wrong with the previous patch)

    Although this hook works pretty efficient, we know it's not the right way to do this: Ideally we would use ICS and monitor the whole server for message movements. We're trying to do that here with a python script:

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    spamhook not needed anymore

    It seems the excellent Zarafa developers have fixed this problem with their new python-zarafa API. (this doesnt require you to learn MAPI)

    You can find the scripts here:

    They fixed it The Right Way(tm).

    So this means our spamhook patch finally isn't needed anymore.


    Update: Use (its realtime)
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    Hey Edwin,

    Still, thanks for your contribution.
    Perhaps you can take a closer look at our python-zarafa and make cool scripts


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    We just finished a new and better way to do spam-training:

    Basically it monitors mail movements and learns from mails that where moved from or to the junk folder.

    Its realtime and it works with all frontends. (mobile, outlook plugin, imap, webapp, webaccess etc)

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