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Thread: drag'n'drop of events - why is this feature missing?

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    Thumbs up [solved] drag'n'drop of events - why is this feature missing?

    Drag'n'Drop is one of the main features some of my customers used in webaccess and with their Outlook.
    Why isn't this "simple" feature not included in the webapp?
    You need more than 5 times longer to shift events in webapp than with webaccess or Outlook.

    Is there a roadmap at which time the webapp will become useful for powerusers who want their webapp as powerful as their Outlook/webaccess is?
    For me the webapp is more than one step backwards compared to the webaccess

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    Just doen't work with Prism, works fine with Firefox.
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    Hello Onex,

    What exactly do you mean? because drag and drop of an appointment to a other day or time is feature that is already in WebApp for quite some time.

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    Hi Robin,
    I don't know if it worked on older versions of webapp, but with the installed 1.3 final I'm not able to move any appointment in any view in Prism.
    After your answer I tried it with Firefox, there it works ...
    Sadly that this doen't work with Prism anymore :-(

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    Im sorry, but Prism is not a supported browser.
    Please refer to
    for the list of supported browsers.

    As far as I can see Prism itself is not even being maintained anymore, so I recommend changing to a supported browser to be able to use all features of the WebApp.

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