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Thread: Samba4 AD/Zarafa-schema breaks when integrating

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    Samba4 AD/Zarafa-schema breaks when integrating


    I am testing the integration of the Zarafa-AD-Schema into my Samba 4 DC. Unfortunately the process breaks. Maybe someone can help. First the error and after that the details:

    This is how I start the process:

    System: information:
    * CentOS 6 (newest packages)
    * zarafa-ads-1.3 from zarafa-community-page
    * Samba 4.0.1 from self compiled (./configure --enable-old-ctdb; make; make install)
    Samba-Installation Parameters:

    I have searched around if there was an object with the dn: CN=zarafaDynamicGroup-Display,CN=401,CN=DisplaySpecifiers,CN=Configurati on,DC=tali,DC=lab.
    I think I have found the right place and can confirm that this object does not exist:

    My guess is, that the zarafa-ads-integration 1.3 was tested against Samba 4.0 and that there where slight changes to Samba 4.0.1 which break the process. But if I am wrong, I would appreciate some help. :-)

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    we use Samba4 on a Debian Sid whith Zarafa.

    In /etc/samba/smb.conf

    # Global parameters
    sdb:schema update allowed = yes

    /root/zarafa/ DC=DOMAIN,DC=DE /root/zarafa/ldfiles -v -H /var/lib/samba/private/sam.ldb -writechanges


    And install zarafa-ads tool in the Remote Computer, where you have Administration Tools of WIndows installed.

    sorry for my english and I hope, i can help you

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    Althoug grievis answer contained all the right details I just wanted to add this for clearification:

    I was just talking to my Colleague who wrote the script, who mentioned that most people who report errors forgot the "-writechanges" switch. Since the later modifications rely on the earlier ones you will get the mentioned "[many lines of output without an error message]" at first and then errors without "-writechanges"

    One other thing is that you don't really need the "schema update allowed = yes" in smb.conf when you work directly on the sam.ldb (-H /var/lib/samba/private/sam.ldb instead of i. e. -H ldap://mydc.samdom2.example.private).


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    Hi Thomas,

    this is new to me, thanks for the useful info, makes things a little bit less complicated (at least one step less...) ;-)


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    Hey guys,
    i have exactly the same problem like grenzlaeufer when using the commmand-line without -writechanges. Everything seems to work fine but until few seconds i get the same message as grenzgaenger.
    Ok, so i tried using the -writechange addition but than i get the following:
    'rror: Bad ldif changetype 'add
    'rror: Bad ldif changetype 'modify
    ERR: (No such object) "objectclass: Cannot add CN=Zarafa-Quota-Override,CN=Schem, parent does not exist!" on DN CN=Zarafa-Quota-Override,CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=DOMAIN,DC=C OM
    Modified 0 records with 1 failures
    Error: ldbmodify reported an error

    (using Ubuntu 12.04 + Zarafa 7.1.4 + Samba4 4.0.6)

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    Hi everyone, I know this is an old thread, but Google lead me here and I might have a solution:

    This is a typical error when the file is not in unix format (e.g. has CRLF line terminators). This can be checked with:
    And it can be solved with:
    Best regards,

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