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Thread: Attachments in WebApp

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    Attachments in WebApp

    During daily use, we experience several problems with attachments and WebApp:
    1. When receiving a mail, sent from Outlook and with an attached mail, WebApp can't open (greyed out) the attached mail or download the attachment (just doesn't do anything). In Webaccess you can open and download the attachment.
    2. Sometimes when sending mails with attachments, the attachments disappear when sent: the receiver receives the mail without attachments. It isn't easily reproducible, as this happens every now and then and no specific reason can be identified.

    We're using the latest beta: 1.3-39927.
    I can see there is a newer version, 1.3-40290, but this doesn't have any release notes and hence I don't know if this version is reasonably safe to install.

    Hope you can help and/or fix these issues.

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    1. Indeed correct, message-in-message is still a missing feature.

    2. Is in this case the attachment fully uploaded. In the 1.3 we have a new HTML5 upload capability. When the attachment is displayed in orange, the upload is still in progress. When it's displayed in grey it's finished.
    We still need to make this more userfriendly.


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