first of all, we installed the new zarafa-client (released yesterday), but this didnt helped.

Server: Zarafa 7.0.x
Client: Outlook 2010, Windows 7 X64

The Secretary has write access to the chiefs Calendar via Outlook (Calendar - Open - open shared calendar), this worked perfectly for month. but since two weeks we have the problem that she can view/read his calendar, but she cant create or modify entries. After adding a new event we get immeditaly this error message: "Das Element konnte nicht gespeichert werden, die Frei/Gebucht Informationen konnten nicht geöffnet werden"(... the free/busy informations could not be retrieved).

1.) The access-rights to the Chief's calendar should be ok, the Secretary can open the Calendar in Webaccess (and can add entries there).
2.) We have read/write access from a other users account on a another maschine (windows xp, office 2010) to the chiefs calendar.
3.) i deleted the secretarys account in outlook, and recreated it.
4.) i deleted the secretarys account in zarafa, and recreated it (even with a another login name)

Must be a Problem with zarafa 7.0.x and Windows 7X64 / Outlook 2010?

Thanks for any help!