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Thread: xmpp + apache + zarafa webapp setup?

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    xmpp + apache + zarafa webapp setup?

    Hey all, I'm trying to setup an xmpp server on my zarafa box, it's not going so well. The doc covers the basics but my setup is a little funky, so I can't get it to work:

    Here's my setup. I've got my server with a fqdn of But my xmpp address should be (yep, on a different domain name). I've setup a cname to point to my internal server and that's working fine. Also, my server is not accessible externally on port 80, only ssl port 443. Apache does not listen on port 80, only 443. I've also opened up the jabber port externally, and there's no firewall restriction on the server right now.

    The problem I'm having is with apache. I get a forbidden error when visiting The XMPP server and Zarafa are both on the same machine. Here's proxy.conf settings file for apache:

    Here's my webapp apache config file:

    Any ideas on getting this to work? I'm pretty sure the problem is with the apachy proxypass directives but I don't know what to set it to. Nothing I try seems to work.
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    here's my ejabberd.cfg file:

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    Looks like the ejabberd config is not fully paste here.
    Can you btw check if the http-bind is also listed and enabled in the module loading section.


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    Ok. So I didn't realize that config file got cut off! Should have, but didn't. Reinstalled, got ejabberd running. I can connect to it using the domain and opening up the port, but proxying still doesn't seem to work. I get forbidden errors, even when using wget from localhost. Here's my port.conf apache file:

    The top of my webapp config file:
    And the output from wget:

    And yeah i'll get around to updating that certificate eventually:P

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    For some reason my reply was sent to a mod and then has never been approved. So I'll try again

    Yes, it appears my ejabberd config was cut off, didn't realize it. Probably should have, but didn't Ejabberd was still launching fine! Anyway, I fixed that and now I can communicate with ejabberd. However, I still get forbidden errors when visiting my URL that gets proxied. Here's an updated version of my apache config files:

    The idea is I want to be able to use zarafa at, and my jabber url be jabber.example[b]2[b].com

    Any idea how to get this properly configured? I'm not sure why I'm getting forbidden errors.

    I've even tried this:

    But then I get an internal server error, so maybe something's not right with my ejabberd config? That file is too long so here's a link to it from pastebin:

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