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Thread: Sabre-Zarafa 0.15: patches for Public Contacts support

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    Everything is now in (branch patches_from_fora). I don't promise to ever maintain it, or even I don't guarantee it will stay in this location forever, but I will try to keep it there at least.


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    Thanks Matěj for helping out the community. We (our company and I) will probably fork the Sabre-Zarafa code on Github in the near future, and try to maintain and improve the code.

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    Smile Thank you

    Awesome, let us know when it is ready.

    Thank you

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    You all have seen this post, right?

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    I hadn't, thanks for the heads up!

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    Lightbulb No difference

    After a bit of cleaning (CRLF->LF, etc.) I ended with this diff:

    I.e., there is no substantial difference between my repo (branch patches_from_fora) and

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    Thats good news, so both work. Thanks.

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    If I take your zip file and copy it to my web directory, make a symbolic link for sabre-zarafa to that new directory and copy the /usr/share/php/mapi files to /var/www/html/sabre-zarafa/lib, then I still cannot SEE a contact I created in webapp, but all of a sudden the two contacts I copied in Mac addressbook (from My Mac) to the Zarafa account end up getting copied over and over and over to the Zarafa server.

    This is with 7.1.3, Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Any help or ideas?

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    Sabre-Zarafa: forked repo, new mainline

    Hi everyone, I'm the guy who wrote and posted the original patches in this thread.

    Thanks to the generous support of my employer, , I've been allotted some time to work on Sabre-Zarafa. We install and configure this package for our customers, so it's important to us that it works well, performs quickly, and has good interoperability. Because has an open source program, all further improvements and patches will be committed to our public GitHub repository, .

    I've spoken to Zeguigui, the original author and maintainer of Sabre-Zarafa, about the possibility of taking over maintainership, and he was basically okay with it. (I hope he will chime in here.) Neither of us wanted to see the project forked and split into irrelevance. Currently our repo and the one at Google Code are coexisting, but I hope that the Google Code landing page will soon point to our repo as the new mainline.

    So far I have done the following:

    Still planned are:

    We are taking bug reports and handling pull requests, so your feedback is welcome!
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    Thanks for continuing with sabre-zarafa. I have downloaded the latest version sabre-zarafa-0.18 and installed with zarafa 7.14. I can access my contacts through the web browser fine with . But my MAC OSX contacts fails with following error: "The operation couldn't be completed (CoreDAV ErrorDomain error 1)". I am using OSX 10.8.3(12D78) and MAC Contacts 7.1(1169). Does anyone has this working with versions?

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