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Thread: A simple owncloud app for integrating zarafa auth and webapp(link to source inside)

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    A simple owncloud app for integrating zarafa auth and webapp(link to source inside)


    i took myself a few hours (basically yesterday evening) to write a very basic zarafa integration for owncloud.
    This basically means:

    * Authentication of users against zarafa
    * "Integrating" the Zarafa WebApp into the owncloud navigation

    The current result of my work can be found here:

    Please remember that this was more or less a "Quickshot" so if you see any potential for improvements don't hesitate to tell me or even open a pull request.
    I hope it's OK i posted this here.

    As this requires zarafa and owncloud it wasn't exactly sure where to put this.
    Maybe some of you have use for this.



    PS: Any Feedback is appreciated, though i don't plan to put too much additional effort into this.
    PPS: There's a reason why this has been versioned as 0.1, don't expect too much!
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    Hi Reichi,

    thanks for your effort. This seems to be a good alternative if one doesn't want to run OpenLDAP for user authentication (although I have not tested this). Can you also create a project in for this?
    Regards Felix

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    Zarafa documentation:

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    Hi Reichi,

    Thanks for your effort. I'd love to use this but there is a bug when enabling the app in owncloud:
    Tested on new installations of 4.0.5, 4.0.8 and 4.5.1

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    I was able to pin down the problem to the apps path. I choosed 'apps/owncloud-app-zarafa' and it looks like owncloud or php doesn't like '-' in path. Renaming to 'zarafa' solved this problem.

    But there is an other known bug [1] in 4.5.1 that will make owncloud stop working when enabling this app.

    EDIT: It's not a bug from owncloud but new specs for the api. I modified the app to run with 4.5.1. But I've to say that I'm not very familiar with php. Please find attached diff.


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    Hi guys,

    any chance on a version with the diff processed please? Would it be compatible with ownCloud 4.5.3?


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    I made a pull request on git for this. So it will be easier for Reichi to adapt this.

    It does work with 4.5.3 for me.

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    Thank you S0M30N3!

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    I installed the app in OC which sits in a webserver in the DMZ. The connection to Zarafa uses the address "https://zarafa-server:237/zarafa". So far so good. But unfortunately in OC the config lines for the zarafa server certificate and password are missing. Any attempt to login as a zarafa user must fail.
    Any hint?


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    Not trying to hijack, but conversation on the topic of this plugin is sparse online.

    I've got most everything working except when I click on the zarafa link, it auths but reloads the zarafa webapp login page. With zarafa logging all the way to 5, an OC -> webapp iframe auth looks absolutely no different than a standard successful webapp auth in its own window. I wonder if there's something going on with the php/session than an actual auth issue.

    I modified user_zarafa.php to echo out some of the variables to see what was getting passed to webapp. As far as I can tell, the ldap, OC, and zarafa uids are all in sync. The user being passed is in the list of users.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    OC: 5.0.7
    Webapp: 7.0.8-35178

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    Works with Owncloud 7.0.2, Thanks a lot. I found the App in github. A kombination of zarafa and owncloud was my dream. With this app its a step closer to this.

    greetinghs Daniel

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    Is autologin possible?

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