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Thread: User password change in webapp

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    User password change in webapp


    Can someone tell me what solutions i have, that users can change their own password in Zarafa webapp...
    I know there is password change in webaccess...

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    That particular feature was implemented using a plugin in the WebAccess, since recently we have a plugin framework for WebApp, which means that the password plugin can now be converted to the WebApp.

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    Hi ivdoorn
    I read a post in zarafa forum that webapp does not a plugin framework yet and this framework will be available in future releases. But if i understand you, you said that there is such framework for Webapp. Can you tell me about it?

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    Indeed, the Plugin Framework has been introduced in the WebApp 1.1 release, which was demoed during the SummerCamp.
    We are currently working on a new manual which contains all information that is needed, but until then I would advice looking at the 'plugins' directory and look at the various plugins which are provided. The only mandatory file that you must supply is the manifest which contains all references to the files which must be loaded by the WebApp.

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