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Thread: What is the programming model of Zarafa?

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    What is the programming model of Zarafa?

    I'm starting to develop some features for zarafa-7. I compiled it from source files. It works now.
    I want to change some parts of zarafa. I saw that zarafa uses a client/server model for its services, so some files are written in php (say client files) and some other files are written in cpp (say server files).
    Actually I'm not familiar with this model of programming. And I don't know how a php file can communicate a running server (e.g zarafa-server).
    Can somebody tell me what is exactly this model of programming? Is it some kind of socket programming in php?

    It's appreciated if anybody introduce some tutorial of document to learn it.
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    it's a hard time to have Zarafa running on your DiskStation

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