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Thread: Cannot connect to the Zarafa server error message on logon

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    Error at login: "Cannot connect to the Zarafa server"

    Dear all
    I've install zarafa-7.0.7 from source code on Centos 5.7.
    I started zarafa-server successfully, I can see the pid and other files (/var/run/, /var/run/zarafa-prio,/var/run/zarafa).
    In config.php I have set DEFAULT_SERVER to /var/run/zarafa file.
    Every thing seems to be fine and correct. But when I try to logon to webaccess, I get this error message: Cannot connect to the Zarafa server
    I saw the zarafa-server log file and it was totaly ok, here is a part of log file: Listening for pipe connections on /var/run/zarafa

    the server is running, but webaccess cannot connect to it.
    Can somebody help me?
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    Again I found the solution by myself
    The reason is that linux preventing webaccess to connect to tcp socket because of security settings.
    You should simply turn it down by this command:
    setenforce 0
    Then it will work.

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    it's on the FAQ...
    Webaccess part.


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