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Thread: Z-Admin unable to create users in LDAP

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    Question Z-Admin unable to create users in LDAP


    I installed Z-Admin alongside with Zarafa according to this documentation: on a fresh and clean Ubuntu, although I did not install zarafa-webaccess-muc and zarafa-backup.

    My Information is
    Zarafa 7.0.6-32752
    yaffas 1.1.1
    I adjusted ldap to listen to all interfaces. I logged in in Z-Admin, changed the admin password and went to Authentication Server and set up the LDAP-Server (without SSL). I am using the local server, installed alongside with z-admin. After the configuration, I see under Current Config

    Server/IP: MyServerIP
    Base DN:	dc=mydomain,dc=com
    Bind DN:	cn=ldapadmin,ou=People,dc=mydomainl,dc=com
    Print operators group:	Print Operators
    I adjusted the /etc/zarafa/ldap.yaffas.cfg file, which clearly has the wrong bind password with the correct plain-text password.
    In the Z-Admin Interafce I do not see the Add-User-Tab, as I see it, when I use only local authentication, although cn=ldapadmin,ou=People,dc=mydomainl,dc=com has all rights in the LDAP-database! Simply, I can not use Z-Admin to add a new user, using LDAP.

    As I understand, Z-Admin should add users in LDAP. Please advise.

    In order to test, if the LDAP-Connection works, I added a emite.ldiff file with the following content:
    dn: cn=emite,ou=People,dc=mydomain,dc=comcn: emitedisplayName: Emite Avesdescription: Testingobjectclass: topobjectclass: inetOrgPersonobjectClass: zarafa-usersn: emiteuid: emiteuserpassword: {CRYPT}crRTGI1d16PyImail: [email protected]: 1zarafaQuotaOverride: 0zarafaSharedStoreOnly: 0zarafaAdmin: 0zarafaQuotaHard: 1000zarafaQuotaSoft: 900zarafaQuotaWarn: 800
    - I see this user in the ou=People. After that I used
    zarafa-admin --sync
    Now I see (log_level=6) the following:

    Sat May  5 15:27:12 2012: ldaptiming[00000.00] ("dc=mydomain,dc=com" "(&(&(objectClass=posixAccount)(objectClass=zarafa-user))(|(objectClass=posixAccount)(objectClass=zarafa-contact)))" objectClass zarafaSharedStoreOnly zarafaResourceType zarafaSecurityGroup uid cn ou cn cn modifyTimestamp ), results: 0
    Sat May  5 15:27:12 2012: End of session (logoff) 4296156798269886052
    Although no user is shown, zarafa-admin is able to authenticate against the LDAP, so LDAP works just fine.
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    As far as I can see, you're not matching the posixAccount filter with the LDAP entries you provided here. Which will of course give you 0 results in Zarafa.
    Before making a new thread, please make sure that you have searched on our forums and read the Zarafa documentation.

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