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Thread: Zarafa and Gmail

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    Zarafa and Gmail


    I have a domain example: which is on gmail. It has 5 users. I want to setup zarafa community edition on my local network such that, It is setup for the same domain with 10 accounts. 5 accounts will be same as the ones from gmail and 5 internal only. All 10 users should be able to send/receive emails internally but only the 5 which are in gmail also, should be able to send/receive external emails. Or in other words, out of 10 accounts on Zarafa, 5 are tied to gmail accounts and 5 are zarafa only. Is this possible? My users will always connect to zarafa to get/send emails (both internal and external users) so emails received by gmail should also be pulled by Zarafa on respective mailboxes.

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    sure that's possible. but that is no primarily a Zarafa thing but rather a Postfix (or another MTA) configuration thing..

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    You'd have to use fetchmail to get the mail from Gmail on the server serving Zarafa.
    Before making a new thread, please make sure that you have searched on our forums and read the Zarafa documentation.

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