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Thread: upgrade problem 7.0.29470 ->

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    [SOLVED] upgrade problem 7.0.29470 ->


    I tried this ...

    1.) Full database backup of 7.0 system (mysqldump -u root -p --single-transaction -p zarafa > /srv/backup/zarafa.sql)
    2.) Restore to a fresh 7.0.6 system (mysql -u root -p zarafa < /srv/backup/zarafa.sql)

    The server won't start anymore.

    Is there anything I can do?


    ---- server log ----
    Fri May 4 08:55:33 2012: Start: Creating client update status table
    Fri May 4 08:55:33 2012: 0x00000001e5eb20: SQL Failed: Table 'clientupdatestatus' already exists, Query Size: 518, Query: "CREATE TABLE clientupdatestatus ( `userid` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL, `trackid` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL, `updatetime` DATETIME NOT NULL, `currentversion` varchar(50) binary NOT NULL, `latestversion` varchar(50) binary NOT NULL, `computername` varchar(255) binary NOT NULL, `status` int(11) unsigned NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`userid`), UNIQUE KEY (`trackid`) ) ENGINE=InnoDB CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;"
    Fri May 4 08:55:33 2012: Failed: Rollback database
    Fri May 4 08:55:33 2012: Can't update the database: Unable to upgrade zarafa from version 7.0.29470 to
    Fri May 4 08:55:33 2012: Server shutdown complete.
    ---- server log ----

    After some caffeine ... and ... drop table clientupdatestatus
    the server starts again.
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    Good to hear it works again.
    The way I work is uninstall zarafa and leave the config files.
    After that I install it again, takes about a few minutes and everything runs again.
    Running Zarafa 7.1.5 as private mail server.

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    Strange that it already existed, had the zarafa-server perhaps crashed previously with an older version?
    It must have decided the table clientupdatestatus was incomplete.

    Perhaps you can check your mysql dump file what the table definitions were for that table before upgrading.
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    I backed up database with a running zarafa-server. - My fault.
    So the temporary table is in the backup.

    The server tried to create this table at startup and died.

    May be the table should automatically be dropped during startup.

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