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Thread: Constant IMAP traffic

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    Constant IMAP traffic

    I am running Zarafa 7.0.6 in hosted mode with multiple domains. I'm running the IMAP service and connecting with as supplied by OSX Lion.

    Although the IMAP service works and receives mail, there is a constant flow of traffic at all times, which is not good when you have a bandwidth cap...
    By contrast, my other IMAP servers (dovecot) use virtually no bandwidth when idle.

    There doesn't seem to be anything in the logs, and before i turn off SSL and try to tcpdump to see whats going on i wanted to know if anyone else has experienced similar issues or knew of any configuration changes i can make to resolve it.

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    Is it possible that your mailapp downloads all folders to cache them for offline usage? Thunderbird tends to do that.

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    It does cache, but there is not a lot on the server...

    If left alone, it will continue for days on end using about 128-200kbit/sec of bandwidth, even when the account only receives a couple of mails per day.

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    If just did some tcpdumps on our server, but there i don't see any traffic although the clients are connected.

    Please set loglevel to 6 to see exactly what the gateway is doing during the constant traffic.


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    Having run a tcpdump, what seems to be happening is, the client is repeatedly sending:

    FETCH 45:* (INTERNALDATE UID RFC822.SIZE FLAGS BODY.PEEK[HEADER.FIELDS (date subject from to cc message-id in-reply-to references x-priority x-mail-rss-source-name x-uniform-type-identifier x-universally-unique-identifier received-spf x-spam-status x-spam-flag content-type)])

    to which the server responds:

    NO FETCH error no folder

    This carries on continuously until the server or client is restarted...

    What i did notice was that the "IMAP path prefix" option was blank for zarafa, and set the "INBOX" for my other imap servers, i hadn't set this by hand so i assume the client was able to query this information automatically from the server somehow? Anyway manually changing the zarafa config to match the other imap accounts seems to be working, and there has been no recurrence of the traffic flood in the last 12 hours...

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