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Thread: Plan Spreed date in the future

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    Plan Spreed date in the future

    I tried to set up a Spreed meeting in Webaccess and WebApp for tomorrow, but that seemed impossible as there is no date selection possible. At least, I can't find it. Is that correct?
    If so, is that intentional and is Spreed aimed at setting up an instant meeting instead of planning one?
    If not, I think it would be of great value to set up a Spreed meeting on another date than just 'today'.

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    The spreed plugin that we currently have online is a bit outdated, there were a lot of bug fixes already.
    We are planning to release a newer spreed plugin soon, most likely still this week.

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    Hello Ebogaard,

    I checked and found the same problem. I will look into this why there is no field to fill a date.

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