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Thread: AD integration shows all Users

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    AD integration shows all Users


    I have a little problem with the Active Directory integration, after I have registered with success in the AD Zarafa everything works quite well, but unfortunately, all AD users to create a Zarafa account self service users for various applications. The user to move in an OU and teach the Zarafa server using the ldap_search_base in the ldap.yaffas.conf remained unsuccessful. Can anyone help me with this problem?


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    Re: AD integration shows all Users

    Hello lluht,

    for AD you can apply filters for zarafa users through the Groupware->Configuration module. There is an option AD filter. You can select a group. So each member of that group get a zarafa store. The other option there is to use the AD plugin that is provided by zarafa if you have purchased a license.

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    I have a similar question and want to ask here befor opening a new thread. I have a fresh installation of z-admin and connected to win2003 ActiveDirectoy. I am using the AD plugin with purchased license.

    1. In my AD is a subtree "workers" with all workers in our company. Zarafa/Zadmin should only be used by some of them and I dont need/want them all as zarafa users. With AD Plugin installed I can check checkbox "zarafaAccount".

    On my old zarafa installation (without zadmin) I simple said in /etc/zarafa/ldap.cfg
    ldap_user_search_filter = (zarafaAccount=1)

    With the new Zadmin this file is now called /etc/zarafa/ldap.yaffas.cfg and ldap_user_search_filter doesnt work anymore.

    2. for some users a zarafa account is created automaticly and for most not dont see a difference on these users. Any idea why?

    EDIT: zarafa-admin -l shows only users I gave zarafaaccount with AD plugin. Only these users should be seen in ZADMIN.

    I will attach cfg-files later if needed (no access right now)
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    Hello Thomas1977,

    You mean that all users from you AD are listed in the Z-admin interface but only the correct Zarafa-users are created on the server?

    I can check with the developer if we can add a extra filter for the AD users that should be shown in the Z-admin web interface.

    Zarafa IRC chat: > #zarafa
    Zarafa documentation:
    Zarafa Community webpage:

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    That is what I mean. I dont need users in Zadmin which are no Zarafa users.

    Thanks for your quick response!


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    Hello Tomas,

    I created this improvement ticket:
    Jira ticket: ADM-147
    Zarafa IRC chat: > #zarafa
    Zarafa documentation:
    Zarafa Community webpage:

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    To be clear and explain my situation :maybe a filter is not what I need here. In Accounts -> User Managment you can choose from 3 filters (username, name, zarafastore). With filter zarafastore=X I see all real zarafa users with store. "zarafa-admin -l" shoes the same.

    Now I want to create a fetchmail poll and I can again choose from all poeple of in my AD where I just need the zarafa users. ZADMIN should only use zarafa users. everything else is of no use (or I dont understand it). When a use is not using zarafa, he doesnt have to be attached to a zarafa configuration program.


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