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Thread: Z-merge archive

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    Z-merge archive


    Iam trying to get the Z-Merge archive to work with SugarCRM.
    Iam using SugarCRM version 6.2 community and Zarafa 6.3 Community edition.

    All systems are running on Ubuntu 64 bit server 10.04 with PHP 5.3

    The Z-Merge framework (Beta 8) is also installed and working, but the Archive plugin is not working at all. I can choose from the right button menu "Archive to Sugar" but then nothing happens, nothing shows up in the logs.

    Should the Z-Merge archive plugin be working on this platform? Any hints for me?

    With kind regards,

    Remco Hannink

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    Re: Z-merge archive

    Hi Remco,

    afaik there is no Zarafa 6.3 version (or it's really old). Anyway it is recommended to use the latest 6.40 or 7.0.

    Is there nothing at all in apache logs? In PHP 5.3 several functions were deprecated which were used in Z-Merge libs, so you might have to fix that first. However it is logged by apache (or you have to increase the log level in PHP).

    Kind regards, Manfred
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