I'm currently working on a , which I hope to have ready before the end of next week, pending among other things, outcome of this post. While fixing up the source tree for FreeBSD compatibility, I noticed a few problems with the build system. The top level configure fails to do a number of tests that the provider/soap tree needs, mostly related to POSIX 2008 xlocale(3) support. Throughout the source tree, the absence of xlocale(3) interfaces isn't correctly handled and it is assumed that including <locale.h> pulls in <xlocale.h> (which it does not on the currently being developed FreeBSD 10). There are also a few trivial problems, like zarafa configure's understanding of "prefix" is non-standard, vmime test is done for 0.9.0 where 0.9.2 is recommended and the scan for PHP's sysconf dir is overly complex and incorrect.

I'm willing to do some work here in fixing up the build system, but since this will touch on most of the tree, I figure I'd ask first if there already is work in progress with respect to the build system and whether there is interest to apply changes to it to begin with.

Thanks for your time and any insights.