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Thread: SabreDAV backend for Zarafa

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    I've fixed this and created a pull request on github. Hopefully they accept it soon and create a new tag.

    For so long I created a fixed tag version on my own fork.


    All the best,
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    Hey there,

    I have patched MartiMcyFly's fix into the repository. It's now tagged v0.23.1.
    Thanks for your contribution!

    Best regards,
    Richard de Vroede
    1A First Alternative

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    CardDAV access to the public address book?


    we're using Sabre-Zarafa with DB authentication in combination with Thunderbird and the SOGo connector add-on. This works well for accessing the user's personal address books.
    What we have not gotten to work is acces to the public address book - i. e. the list of Zarafa-accounts that exist on the Zarafa server. Is there any way to access those too via CardDAV? If so, how?

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    This is possible with Z-Push. First you have to find the folderid which you want to share. Then you have to edit the Z-Push config.php. Here is an example:

    You can use listfolders.php to find the folderid:

    Richard de Vroede
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    Thanks for your answer, Richard!
    But I think I didn't explain correctly what Im trying to achieve. Via CardDAV I'd like to access the "Global Address Book" (not "public" as I originally said - sorry) i. e. what one gets when she clicks on the open book icon in the webapp (a list of Zarafa-accounts on the server).
    doesn't show any folders on the particular system. And on other Zarafa systems I administer, it seems to list only user created public folders.
    Is it possible to get CardDAV access to the Global Address Book?


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    Has anyone gotten sabre-zarafa to work with the Thunderbird CardBook extension/plugin? I have a new install working with Mac Contacts, but the CardBook extension fails on validation. Curious if anyone else has it working and what you did to get it working.

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    Hi Caldwell,

    I just tested zabre-zarafa with the CardBook extension and it's working fine. The thing with the validation is that you have to use the proper CardDAV URL to the contact list to which you want to connect:

    - In your browser, go to "https://<servername>/sabre-zarafa/addressbooks/"
    - Log in with your username and password
    - Click on your username
    Now you see all your addressbooks. The default addressbook is "Contacts" (or "Contactpersonen" when Zarafa has been configured to use the Dutch language)
    - Copy the link of the addressbook you want to add
    - Paste the link in the URL field
    - The CardDAV url should now look like this: "https://<servername>/sabre-zarafa/addressbooks/<username>/<addressbook>/"
    For example:
    - Enter your username and password
    - Click "Validate"

    That's should do it...


    ---------- Post added ----------

    Hi ddt,

    Please take a look at my answer to Caldwell. When you use the trick to just browse to sabre-zarafa, you can see all addressbooks to which the user can connect. AFAIK, connecting to the GAB isn't implemented in sabre-zarafa. If you really need it, you can fork sabre-zarafa, implement it and issue a pull-request for adding the feature to the main branch. The location for the original sabre-zarafa software is on

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    BOUNTY on Global Address Book via CardDav

    Is there anyone who is a programmer who would be interested in adding this functionality to Sabre-Zarafa? For people who are using Thunderbird instead of Outlook, the ability to have Global Address Book (GAB) access is very important.

    If so, do we need a bounty to get this going? Donation to a non-profit in your name?

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    Wrong Birthdays in vcf prior 1956

    Hi everybody,

    came across this issue:

    A contacts birthday is set prior 1956-10-01 (1956-04-12) per Zarafas WebApp. In the WebApp and synced via Z-Push to different devices, the birthday everywhere is correctly displayed as 1956-04-12.

    When using sabre-zarafa the resulting BDAY in the .vcf is 19560411 one day before as one can see.

    For debugging a little I changed the DateFormat in to :

    for getting the complete resulting date including time in the .vcf.

    For the wrong birthdate this gives:


    As one can see, the date is one hour before the correct date and so the day is wrong.

    Assuming this has sth. to do with summertime calcs I changed the birthdate to 1956-10-01 in Zarafas WebApp (as can be read in Wikipedia, 1956 was the starting year for summertime changes till now).
    With this date this is in the resulting .vcf:


    The hour is correctly set to "00:00:00" and so the day is correct, too.

    Any idea what could be wrong here? (The timezone in the is correctly set to "Europe/Berlin" as everywhere else in the system)

    Thx in advance!

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