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Thread: Migration of 30GB and over 250K emails a success

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    Migration of 30GB and over 250K emails a success

    Just a quick line to let you know we have just finished a week long migration from MS Exchange 2K3 to Zarafa 7 on Debian Squeeze and both myself and my users are very, very happy with the result!

    The migration itself went smoothly with the new Zarafa Migration Tool (one mailbox contained over 140K emails and hundreds of folders) and the documentation was fantastic, helping us through every step of the process.

    Outlook 2010 is working seamlessly with the Zarafa Client plugin (including offline cached mode) and the Z-Push integration is offering flawless iphone 4S support.

    All in all, we couldn't be happier - well done guys!

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    Re: Migration of 30GB and over 250K emails a success

    Happy to hear this great result, and for telling us!
    Zarafa ALPHA/BETA/RC feedback in BETA forum please.
    Zarafa IRC chat: > #zarafa
    Zarafa documentation:

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