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Thread: Post .ics to Zarafa

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    Post .ics to Zarafa

    I want to place appointments in a user's agenda. According to the I can import ics files to [username].

    However, when I test this with the I don't get a response and the appointment is not submitted.

    The only error I get in ical.log is this:

    Tue Oct 18 09:55:51 2011: [18530] New Request
    Tue Oct 18 09:55:51 2011: [18530] Request from User : (=fictive name)
    Tue Oct 18 09:55:51 2011: [18530] Error processing POST request
    Tue Oct 18 09:55:51 2011: [18530] End Of Request

    The ics I post is like the following:

    Anyone an idea on this?

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    Re: Post .ics to Zarafa

    Hello Peterkuli,

    Can you try this like:?

    It could be that the firefox addon does not work well with Zarafa-ical.

    Zarafa IRC chat: > #zarafa
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    Re: Post .ics to Zarafa


    Then I get a 400 Bad Request and logging in ical.log is the same.

    (when I do a GET, then I get the calendar of the username I specified)

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    Re: Post .ics to Zarafa

    Hi peterkuli,

    is there really an END:VCALENDAR missing in your request or wasn't it just pasted in your post?

    Greets, Manfred
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    Re: Post .ics to Zarafa

    Hi manfred,

    The END:VCALENDAR was indeed missing.... ops:

    What I've done now, is get my own callendar and posted it (to the /caldav/user url) and as a response I received a xml:

    Not quite sure what it means...

    Edit: With the Firefox Poster Addon I did a PUT and now I'm able to make an appointment in a user's agenda.

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