I patched server source code to
save up database space by not storing generated PR_BODY from PR_HTML field to database for text/html messages (w/o text/plain part)
preserve original message text plain format for multiple/alternate|mixed messages. Your server code always replaces PR_BODY with converted PR_HTML field even if incoming message contains both text/plain and text/html parts - text/plain format in incoming message usually differs from converted text/html to plain text.

After patching server I found out problem. Zarafa Outlook Client v7 stores missing PR_BODY field to database or even updates existing PR_BODY field in database with converted PR_HTML field during viewing messages in Outlook.

Zarafa Outlook Client v6.3 is working correctly. It doesn't update PR_BODY part in database with converted PR_HTML during viewing messages. Zarafa WebAccess 7 has also correct behaviour - it just creates missing PR_BODY in memory and doesn't store it to database.

Is it possible to change Outlook Zarafa client 7 behaviour to follow Outlook Zarafa client 6 or Zarafa WebAccess behaviour and don't create missing PR_BODY in database and don't update PR_BODY with PR_HTML in database while viewing message in Outlook?