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Thread: Virtual domain in Postfix with LDAP

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    Virtual domain in Postfix with LDAP

    Hi all,

    I try to configure Postfix with Zarafa on a virtual domain environment.

    The local delivery is made with 'spare.local' domain and the users have public mails from '' domain.

    The server, I use, is installed on a CentOS 5.1 distribution with Postfix, Mysql, OpenLDAP, Samba, Zarafa and other little stuffs installed.

    For the configuration of Zarafa, Postfix and OpenLDAP, I use an home made script based on the one provided by Zarafa. My script bypass some steps in the zarafa script because I set directly the good values. But I add several new features like the configuration of Samba as a PDC, connected to the OpenLDAP.

    I added 3 test users:

    When I try to send a mail to a user with the mail adress ', postfix and zarafa delivered it correctly. But when I try other mail address, I receive a 5.3.0. error with message : "internal software error. Command output: Starting delivery for user USER Access denied or Unknown user 'USER', error code: 0x80040111".

    For instance: I mail to ', it is delivered, but a mail to ' returns the 530 message.

    I put some debug in Postfix and I can see no LDAP lookups which resolve main mail or alias to local user (as defined in LDAP).

    If I use the default virtual transport (virtual_transport = virtual instead of the 'zarafa:' one, I can see the lookups to the LDAP. But I see in the postfix log the mail is deferred : "delivery failed to mailbox /home/vmail/USER: cannot create file exclusively: No such file or directory".

    In other words, I need a mix of both : LDAP lookups with zarafa transport.

    Here are some of the Postfix configuration files:

    If you have suggestions, ideas, they are welcome.

    If you need more information, I will post them if you tell me what you want.

    Thank you in advance,
    Bénoni Delfosse

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    Re: Virtual domain in Postfix with LDAP

    Hi Benoni,

    Can you try these settings:


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    Re: Virtual domain in Postfix with LDAP

    Hi Milo,

    If the settings you provides are the ones in the documentation, I already test them, I begun with them.

    But they don't work at all for my case.

    As I said, there is no looklup in LDAP with the zarafa transport (with 2 domains, a local and a public).

    So for now, I found a workaround: I use qpSMTPd as front end which translates public addresses into local ones before queues the mails in Postfix.
    Like that, Postfix can use the zarafa transport with a good user mail account and mails are delivered correctly.

    I will do the same setup on a virtual machine but only with the Zarafa part, no samba as PDC, fax, ... to see if I missed something in my current setup.

    And I will give you the result in this topic.

    Bénoni Delfosse.

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