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Thread: Integrating Skype/PBX in webaccess

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    Integrating Skype/PBX in webaccess

    Our customers wanted to integrate (make clickable) the phonenumber in Webaccess.

    In Outlook it can be done by installing TAPI drivers, but that will not work for Webaccess.

    This tiny patch adds the link in the webacces.
    For zarafa 7, it is in the same file but at around line 325.

    Next, you need to have some handler for the URL.
    You can use Skype as it can be set as the handler for <number> -URLs
    or you can build your own. Second attachment, how to set the handler in the registry.

    Then you can check/clean the input (eg clean %20's) , start a dialer.exe of your choice or let a remote PBX set up the connection, eg via a wget or whatever you like best.
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