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Thread: Outlook 2007 "cannot move item(s)"

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    Outlook 2007 "cannot move item(s)"


    2 months ago we moved from Exchange 2003 to Zarafa. Mails from Exchange were migrated to the Zarafa server.
    I have problems with some old mails that were migrated from Exchange. These e-mails cannot be moved to the archive.
    When I start the archive option in Outlook 2007 it gives an error: "Access denied, cannot move item(s)".

    Mails that arrived after the migration (directly on the Zarafa-server) are ok, they move to the archive.
    Most e-mails that were on the exchange and were moved to the Zarafa are also ok. But about 30 e-mails from the old Exchange will not go to the archive.
    It is like I don't have the necessary rights to move these e-mails to an archive .pst.

    What can I do?

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    Re: Outlook 2007 "cannot move item(s)"

    Hello dimii83,

    Are you able to read the mails? Can you create a copy?

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    Re: Outlook 2007 "cannot move item(s)"

    I can do everything with the e-mail as long as I stay in the default inbox. I can read, copy, delete, ...
    But when I try to move or copy it to an other account (the archive folders) than it gives the error.

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