after installing the Zarafa Community Server 6.40.7 (works like a charm :-) ) and the Zarafa Outlook Client I wondered how to manually sync an offline / cached account in Outlook 2010.
I have no button / tab or anything in Outlook. The AddIn is listed as "inactive" and I can not activate it (after activating it, the hook disappeared already when opening the dialog again).

I set up a whole bunch of profiles with any settings possible, browsed the web and this forum for hours but cannot find any solution. I reinstalled the Client several times, every time with at leas one restart before reinstalling it.

I know, Outlook 2010 ist not supported officially right now, but several people seam to have it up and running.

Is there any trick I could use or a chekcklist for a fail-safe client installation?

By the way:
Is the 7.0 RC1 already more compatible to Outlook 2010?
And is the RC1 already an option for productive environments?

Thanks for your help!