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Thread: upgrade 6.30.x to 7.0

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    upgrade 6.30.x to 7.0

    Will there be a direct upgrade path from 6.30.x to 7.0, or do we need to take 6.40.x in between?

    And from the actual 7.0-rc1 "known issues", I read that I would have to manually recreate the profile on all PCs for all users? I hope this is only because it's an -rc release, and in the final there's an automatic upgrade? There is no way I can manually recreate profiles, or to tell all users they have to do it. There must be a new zarafa-client which automatically does what is necessary to work with the new release. For example, I could roll out the new zarafa-client 7.x to all PCs, but that client must still work with 6.30.x, and later, when all clients are at 7.x, I upgrade the server. Could someone please clarify this point? I'm a bit nervous now.
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    Re: upgrade 6.30.x to 7.0

    its generally advisable to upgrade trough all the lastest mayor releases (install latest 6.30.x, install latest 6.40.x, upgrade to 7.x) as we only test upgrades from the latest mayor version. Also the recreation of the outlook profile at a version upgrade is in the most cases recommended.

    For easier installation for your clients you could provide them with a prf file.
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    Re: upgrade 6.30.x to 7.0

    Please note the requirement to recreate the profile on the 6.40 to 7 upgrade is for OFFLINE ./ CACHE profiles only.
    The issue there is that the cache actually is the full mailbox locally, and that structure is then upgraded to the last database structure also when you first start / installl the new 7 version of zarafa-client. The resulting upgrade is done done automatic but is problematic due to length and cpu load (mostly).
    We are looking for options to improve this still, but mind it's just for offline profiles, not all types.

    Hope this makes your day better.
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