Dear Zarafa users,

We are pleased to announce the RC1 release of ZCP 7.0.0This version includes a upgrade path for upgrades from 6.x to 7.0.0 with a specific Zarafa upgrade tool for the 6.40 to 7.00 migration.
The upgrade will not be done automatically to 7.0.0 and will halt automatically at the start of the 7 upgrades (see /var/log/zarafa/server.log), the standard upgrade is available by starting the server with the --force-database-upgrade option. Servers that already run any 7.0.0 version will automatically be upgraded.

* Read the administrator manual at and especially the upgrade section.
* Review the Release notes:
**Make sure you do a back-up before upgrading.**

The upgrade will optimize the performance on multiple areas but will cause a database volume increase of about 20%, this is expected.
After upgrading please review the live comments in our forum on ZCP 7 RC1 upgrade issues at , for the latest post-upgrade instructions.

Known issues:
* In some use cases BES integration does not allow sign-on
* With BIS+IMAP the IMAP gateway can re-sync the message list on server restart
* Offline cache of outlook needs to be purged by recreating the offline profile!

=== General ===
In this version we included the ability for IMAP and POP gateway access per user organized via zarafa-admin or the new ADS plugin tab 'zarafa-features' and the upgrade-tool for 6.40 to 7, the security audit logging introduced in 6.40.7 is included in 7.0.0 s well. The zarafa-upgrade tool is more efficient to use as it presents a progress of the upgrade and also is transaction safe, requires less resources on the database, and causes a lesser peak in database size required. To publish the zarafa cache statistics to terminal and replacing the former SIGUSR1 signal, the statistics can now only be displayed by using: zarafa-stats --system
The use of the SIGUSR2 signal was removed in favor of a new command in line with other administrative command structures, to clear the internal zarafa cache issue the command: zarafa-admin --clear-cache

NOTE: This RC requires the use of new license keys if you have a 6.40 key in your server now.

Please report all issues on this upgrade in the beta section on the forum.

It can be found on our download page:

Partners & license holders: Please download your version from the customer Portal at [url][url]

All feedback here on the forum is appreciated very much.

Zarafa QA