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Thread: ZCP 7 RC1 upgrade issues build-26667

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    ZCP 7 RC1 upgrade issues build-26667

    Any Issues and steps to be taken after the upgrade to 7.0.0 RC1 will be presented here for easy reference by the community.

    * Read the administrator manual at and especially the upgrade section.
    * Review the Release notes:

    This version includes a upgrade path for upgrades from 6.x to 7.0.0 with a specific Zarafa upgrade tool for the 6.40 to 7.00 migration.
    The upgrade will not be done automatically to 7.0.0 and will halt automatically at the start of the 7 upgrades (see /var/log/zarafa/server.log), the standard upgrade is available by starting the server with the --force-database-upgrade option. Servers that already run any 7.0.0 version will automatically be upgraded.
    **Make sure you do a back-up before upgrading.**

    The upgrade will optimize the performance on multiple areas but will cause a database volume increase of about 20%, this is expected.
    Zarafa ALPHA/BETA/RC feedback in BETA forum please.
    Zarafa IRC chat: > #zarafa
    Zarafa documentation:

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    Re: ZCP 7 RC1 upgrade issues

    Known issues of RC1

    0) [RC2 fixed] The install script needed some rework in general for 7, and Debian6 detection.

    1) [RC2 fixed] Use of the zarafa-upgrade script requires python-mysql-1.2.2 package, we are investigating if we can remove the dependency. Meanwhile really try to upgrade the package to please,

    2) [Cannot Change] Ownership of the log location may be set again to root after upgrade, check /var/log/zarafa to be sure what you expect ()

    3) [RC2 fixed] Run 'ldconfig' as the RC1 is missing calls of "ldconfig" in %post and %postun in the official Zarafa RPM packages

    4) On some distro reported (centrOS-5.6 x64) the log might report the need for libicu, , this can be installed directly by "yum install libicu", if not installed sorting will not work OK.

    5) [RC2 fixed] Webaccess settings might be reset when the user has a signature with special characters in it. This is because of the UTF8 conversion.

    6) [RC2 fixed] An issue with uid's of the IMAP implementation prevents working with MAC Outlook + imap and Operaclients, on other clients redownload of items might occure after a server restart.

    7) [RC2 fixed] We have some reports on IMAP with MAC -Outlook2011, send items are not moved from outbox to send-items. They are sent though OK.

    8) [RC2 Fixed] Initial Sync is very slow in outlook Offline Cache mode. Creating a new profile for offline has trouble building folders with >+-500 msg in it due to a msg counter implementation. Create a file C:\Program Files (x86)\Zarafa\Zarafa Outlook Client\server.cfg and add the string "counter_reset = no" in it. Restart PC (or kill zarafa-offline.exe) and restart OL, start sync of the profile again. After initial sync the setting may be commented out.
    Zarafa ALPHA/BETA/RC feedback in BETA forum please.
    Zarafa IRC chat: > #zarafa
    Zarafa documentation:

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