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Thread: Windows client required?

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    Windows client required?

    I am trying to sell my management on a non-Microsoft replacement for our old Exchange Server, rather than simply upgrade to the latest Microsoft version. They have agreed, on the condition that it be totally transparent to the users, other than perhaps using a different server name.

    I have read the Installation, Administration, and User manuals and they all imply that I need to install a Zarafa client on each Windows user system. If this is actually required, it will kill the project. The manuals do not explain why the client might be required, or what benefits are gained from it. Can someone here answer these questions?

    I really need for this to be a "drop in" solution with no user involvement. I want to just migrate the files from Exchange Server and switch the DNS records. We just merged with another company, and are supposed to get off their existing Exchange Server (which is not part of the merger). This makes the perfect test case for Zarafa. If it matters, they do not use Active Directory or anything similar.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Re: Windows client required?

    Hi NelsonNameplate,

    Simple answer, Yes you need the zarafa-client, because basically the zarafa-client establish the connection between the outlook and the zarafa-server, which mimics an exchange-server.

    But, you can install the zarafa-client once on a pc and use the auto-updater to update the zarafa-client, which does not require any user involvement. Take note that this feature requires a subscription on the Professional edition.

    hopes this answers your question.

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    Re: Windows client required?

    If Zarafa-server mimics an Exchange Server, why does a client who is already connecting to an Exchange Server need anything additional? That is the thing I do not understand.

    If additional client software (Zarafa-client) is needed, that implies that Zarafa-Server does NOT exactly mimic Exchange Server.

    What am I missing here?

    My management, while open to the idea of a non-Microsoft solution, has made it clear that it MUST exactly mimic Exchange Server. I do not have choice in that matter, sadly.

    Is there ANY open-source (pay or free) solution that exactly mimics Exchange Server without requiring client changes? I REALLY want to get away from Microsoft!

    Thanks for helping me understand this.

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    Re: Windows client required?

    Only Exchange exactly mimics Exchange
    Personally i dont think it's worth the effort of switching, if you are only looking to get rid of "Powered by Microsoft" tag and wish to keep everything else the same.

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    Re: Windows client required?

    That is only the first step, necessary to keep management happy. Once I can show that it works painlessly, we can move on to bigger and better things. This is just the "foot in the door".

    As you can probably guess, there is a big dose of company politics (and fear of the unknown) involved here.

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