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Thread: New Webaccess 7

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    New Webaccess 7


    hopefully the right area, and hopefully not a too stupid question. I´m always wondering if with version 7 there is somehow a new webaccess interface? Using google I always found an article that describes the "new" webaccess with Zarafa 7, but I installed the beta already and cannot figure out some "new" look&feel. Article is in german unfortunately, but says something like the major new things in Zarafa 7 are "unicode and new webfrontend".

    Just wanted clarification on this topic ...

    Thanks all

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    Re: New Webaccess 7

    Hi Tobi,

    at the time of writing this the new WebAccess (called WebApp) will not be included with the final version of Zarafa 7, but will come as a seperate download some time later. The new WebApp is an extensive rewrite of code so it will take some months more to release a final product.
    Regards Felix

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