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Thread: ADS username contains whitespace

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    ADS username contains whitespace

    Hello forum,

    I have the following problem: Zarafa is connected to ADS. A username in the ADS contains a whitespace, e.g. "Hans Maier". Zarafa dagent is invoked by postfix with the command "zarafa-dagent Hans Maier" and searches for the user "Hans" and "Maier".

    This is my postfix configuration for dagent:
    What do I have to change that postfix and dagent work correct for users containing whitespaces in their usernames?


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    Re: ADS username contains whitespace

    Hi Steffen,

    In this case just deliver on the email address of the user.
    Change the $user for $recipient and change the result_attribute in the to mail.


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    Re: ADS username contains whitespace


    I have tried this already. But it didn't work. It work's well as long as only on postbox is behind an email adress. It didn't work if you have a little mailing list like [email protected] and this one resolves to two users.


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