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Thread: Time Mail received

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    Time Mail received

    At this time, is use a IMAP/POP3 Account in Outlook to receive my real mails and a Zarafa Server for Testing contacts and calendar. This works so far. Now i had the idea, to deliver all the mail also out with Zafara, so that i have only 1 account at all my devices. i have found out (please correct me, if im wrong), that i cant sync my mail folder with a external IMAP Server from my ISP. i must use fetchmail, to poll the mails to Zarafa Inbox. i have done this. first all my mails where deleted at the IMAP Inbox at ISP Side. Thats nit fine, but no real problem, beause i can reupload them from my Backup. i think i have a solution for this. More important was for the following:

    i have some old mails in my database, i wish to keep for some reasons. the date received in this mails are of course very old. i can see this dates if i look at them in the imap account with outlook. the mails all have readed state. but if i poll them with fetchmail, all mails are delivered to the inbox as i wished, but with a new received date (the actual date) and all mails are unread. Is there a way workaround this, to get the original mailstate and date with fetchmail? or can i use a other way, to get my mails from the IMAP/POP3 Server?

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    Re: Time Mail received

    the problem with delted mails are now solved, but not the date issue.

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