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Thread: [Solved] Attachements not sent

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    [Solved] Attachements not sent


    I am quite new to Zarafa and I have a problem with sending attachements through webaccess. I already searched the forum but couldn't find any suitable topic.

    I am using version 6,40,7,26119 on a Linux SUse machine with a MySQL-Database. When I add an attachement, everything seems fine (PHP upload limit is set to 30MB). But the mail is sent without attachements and in the "Sent Mails" the attachement is missing as well. When I receive a mail with an attachement I can forward it without any problems including the attachment. The Multi_Upload_Feature is set to false in the config.php

    I also checked the permissions of the folder /var/lib/zarafa-webaccess/tmp; in this folder I noticed that a file with the name of the attachement is created but its size is 0.

    Any ideas how I can find out what is wrong? Is there anyone who had the same problem before?

    Thanks! Christian

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    Re: Attachements not sent

    Hello Christian,

    what are the permissions on the tmp folder?

    I have on

    and my attachment has

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    Re: Attachements not sent

    Hi Suyi,

    the folder /var/lib/zarafa-webaccess/tmp has the permissions:
    and the attachement itself
    Any idea what could be wrong? Thanks!

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    Re: Attachements not sent


    the safe_mode in php.ini restricted the access; after I've turned it off, it worked fine.

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