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Thread: LDAP inactive user

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    Re: LDAP inactive user

    Hi Michel,

    we also created some user accounts mentioned to be inactive in the past, but it seems that we did that not the correct way. We added the users to a special AD group, so that the mailstore was created in Zarafa. After that, we changed the LDAP attribute to "inactive", but now these accounts still seem to be active (as you can still login with username + password).

    What can I do now to set these accounts inactive in the database ? I don't want to delete and recreate all these accounts as they already contain a lot of data.
    What's the correct way to create inactive accounts with LDAP ?

    OS: sles10 x86_64
    Zarafa: 6.04-12468
    Z-Push: 1.3 RC2
    MySQL: 5.0.67
    Postfix: 2.2.9
    Apache: 2.2.3
    PHP: 5.1.2

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    Re: LDAP inactive user

    You could alter the contents of the users table in the mysql database. If you set nonactive to "1" for the accounts for which you already changed the LDAP attribute, they will become inactive. This works for us, but it seems it's frowned upon, so YMMV.

    I guess you should create them with the LDAP attribute already set to inactive.



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