today we have released the RC2 of Z-Push version 1.5.2.

This is maintenance release for Z-Push 1.5. An update is highly recommended when using calendaring on the mobiles, as it contains several fixes regarding missing reminders and missing/wrong occurrences of recurring calendar items.
If you have downloaded Z-Push 1.5.2 RC, an update to the RC2 is highly recommended. While synchronizing certain appointments the apache process can defunct in the RC.

If your users send emails containing special characters like "a crasis" (à) (widely used in French, Italian and Portuguese) this update is highly recommended, as sent emails can be truncated.

Please note, that version 1.5.2 introduces a new configuration parameter "SYNC_FILTERTIME_MAX".
It needs to be added to your existing configuration if you want to use the global limit feature.

Changes since 1.5.2 beta1:

- fixed: iconv breaks on SendMail() with certain French characters (related to Mantis #406)

Backend ICS/Zarafa
- fixed: conflicts are loaded on FETCH operations causing timeouts (Mantis #406)
- fixed: exceptions of recurring calenar items are one hour off (Mantis #411)
- fixed: appointments recurring on weekdays are not correctly displayed on some mobiles (Mantis #412)
- fixed: error messages of pack() when sending Meeting Requests from Android (Mantis #413)
- fixed: warning messages about missing property when processing email attachments (Mantis #407)
- fixed: empty timezone informations break isDST() checking (related to Mantis #411)

The version is available at:

Your feedback is highly appreciated.

Kind regards,
Z-Push dev team