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Thread: [Solved] Calendar http error 500

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    [Solved] Calendar http error 500

    I am using zpc 6.40.7. I moved a calendar entry by dragging it to a different time on the same day. I went back to the inbox, then went back to the calendar. The calendar shows, but no data, nor does it show the calendar menu bar at the top. I get an hour glass, then a http error 500 Internal server error. Is there a way to recover from this? This is happening to only one user. We are using webaccess as an outlook replacement.
    This occurred when moving a recurring event. The recurring event was generated in MS outlook 2007, and was included in a pst file migration

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    Re: Calendar http error 500


    Please try to increase the php memory limit or check the calendar with zarafa-fsck tool.


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    Re: Calendar http error 500

    Thank you Milo, The zarafa-fsck tool fixed it. :-D

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