Dear Zarafa users,

We are pleased to announce the final release of the ZCP 6.40.7.

In this version we did some small improvements and some bug fixing.

The main improvement is security logging. With this security logging you can see who authenticates to Zarafa and how.
But you can also see when a user opens a store or folder also actions in the shared folders are recorded.
(To read the log content (folder and item names) we added a script that can parse the log.) Every thing about the security log in
in the administrator manual on the website.

Here are some highlighted fixes:

=== Backend ===
Feature: #7131 Allow search_base to be empty, so AD global catalog is supported.
Fix: #7308 Extend logrotate script with audit logging option.
Fix: #7224 Rename zarafaexchangeredirector.msi to zarafabesconnector.msi.
Fix: #6771 No error when ldap.propmap file is missing.

=== Outlook ===
Fix: #7061 autoupdater enable verbose logging by default.

=== WebAccess ===
Fix: #5999 Save draft in outlook with a incorrect email address. open draft in WebAccess will give error.
Fix: #7247 An emailaddress with & is not allowed by webaccess.

You can find the download and change log here:

Zarafa QA