Dear Zarafa users,

We are please to announce the immediate availability of ZCP 6.40.7 beta 1.

In this version of ZCP we included a new enhancement: Audit logging. (security logging).
You can enable this log to check what users that connect to Zarafa and what shared folders they open.
You can find all the information about it in the Administrator manual:

You can find the download of the beta 1 here:

You can find the tickets in Trac:

You feedback here on the forum is appreciated very much.


Zarafa QA

Zarafa QAChange log 6.40.7 beta 1

=== Backend ===
Feature: #6947 Implement a Security-log.
Feature: #7131 Allow search_base to be empty, so AD global catalog is supported.
Fix: #7283 6.40.7 packages do not install correctly.
Fix: #7224 Rename zarafaexchangeredirector.msi to zarafabesconnector.msi.
Fix: #6503 spooler can deadlock.
Fix: #6771 No error for missing propmap.
Fix: #7128 Zarafa-server segfault after ldap was down.
Fix: #7169 Memory usage is too high.
Fix: #7173 username length check gateway too agressive.
Fix: #7202 Purge softdelete still fails at some customers after 6.40.5 update.
Fix: #7215 Archiver will stop completely when an specific user doesn't have a store.
Fix: #7221 zarafa-admin gives error: Unable to list users, object not found.
Fix: #7236 Cannot create a user with umlauts.

=== Outlook ===
Fix: #7061 autoupdater enable verbose logging by default.

=== WebAccess ===
Fix: #5999 Save draft in outlook with a incorrect email address. open draft in WebAccess will give error.
Fix: #7247 An emailaddress with & is not allowed by webaccess.
Fix: #6837 ReplyAll to mail with attachments, will include original attachments again.
Fix: #7087 Make column order in WebAccess addressbook different, so it's more user friendly.
Fix: #7256 Adding groups in multi user calendar doesn't work at all.